What is MY Yogurt


What is MY Yogurt

MY is intelligent

MY has developed a progressive approach to understanding the complexity of life in regard to our health maintenance and ability to cleanse and purify. This scientific program undertaken by us became a basis for the creation of an essentially new generation of Yogurt products irrespectively of age and gender.

MY is health preventive

MY research program has been directed on composing of original technology for producing organic and non organic natural, frozen yogurt and yogurt based products with substances having positive effect on human health. Such as the improvement of digestive and immune systems, enhancing of skin conditions, helping against depression, reducing risk of osteoporosis and cancer, reducing blood cholesterol and risk of heart conditions. The newly created technology is successfully approved and certified by Health Education and Decease Prevention Centre, EU.

MY is customer positive

MY products are of value innovation in a creative engagement between MY, it’s customers and MY product. We favor our customer interaction, we team up with the customers to grow and build up the new opportunities. MY products accelerate customers to a new realm of fulfillment which is only could be sustained by us in this field. The essence of this experience is passion and love. The nature and success of MY products is determined by the most passionate members of the company.

MY is self discovery

MY products enable across all human dimensions: creative, social, personal, emotional, spiritual and moral. Our customers can even discover the new aspects of themselves: new strengths, new abilities, new ways of being and doing. We all have the common goal to pursue. And we intend to lead our customers to a qualitatively better and healthier life by encouraging them to do more for themselves.

MY is happiness

We strongly believe that everyone deserves the right for perfect health. Happiness lays in liberating yourself from the bunch of negative emotions leading to the physical changes in your body. Express yourself on every level and be free. MY will ask if you want to be showed how. MY will support you finding strength in every weakness.

MY is socializing

MY brings it all under one roof, creates a unique shopping-eating experience for everyone curious, conscious of their health or simply interested. Anyone wishes to improve their luck for greater health and happiness would be curious to check out the store. The range of the products makes the experience so enjoyable and meaningful that word-of-mouth will bring repeat customers.

MY makes you complete!



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