MY Healthy Tips #1


MY Healthy Tips #1

Get in the breakfast habit with MY and start the day with our nutritious Breakfast Parfait

This is an easy, time saving, breakfast alternative, high in carbohydrate and low in fat. Granola is perfect on yogurt. The added protein and fat from the low fat yogurt helps you feel satisfied for longer during the day and adds a creamy luxury to your morning.

We recommend low fat instead of nonfat yogurt because it is much more palatable and satisfying. Also, you need the fat to help with nutrient.

Reasons Breakfast Makes Your Life Better:

It's Alertness

Makes anyone more alert and assertive as the blood sugar levels rise after long period without eating (night time). It also prevents craving on something sweet and unhealthy.

It’s easy.

Does not take much time or energy.

It’s makes you healthy.

We all deal with the internal struggle between eating healthy and eating not-so-healthy. Throughout the day breakfast is by far the easiest battle in which health can triumph.

It’s hunger check.

If you eat a satisfying breakfast before heading into work, you are less likely to be tempted by the junk food that haunts most office environments. Likewise, you will have better control when it comes to deciding what to eat for lunch.

It’s higher metabolism.

Eating breakfast has a positive effect on your metabolic rate in the long term.

It’s healthy habits.

Healthy behavior begets more healthy behavior. According to some studies, this is specially true for breakfast eaters. Waking up and eating healthy breakfast encourages you to pack a healthy lunch and plan your day around wholesome food. It feels really good to do healthy things!

It’s self-esteem.

Most of us feel proud and confident when we know we are doing the right things for our body. Why not start out each morning on the right foot?

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