Dear Guest,

We are delighted to welcome you to MY Culture Café website!

M Y Culture Café & Yogurt Bar was established to meet the requirements of those who want only the best for themselves.

Redefining the lifestyle concept on leisure and food through it’s offerings, MY Culture Café is the hot spot that reflects the “wannabe healthy” way of life and provides the best of food, value and service.

It is now the quirky and hip, but yet classy venue that has character in spades. The idiosyncratic décor is the first thing that strikes: it’s bold, but bright and fun, with more than a hint for the superb locations.

Happy mood control is seriously strict here!!!

It is the power spot of Simple, Scrumptious dishes from the Skinny to the Sinful. There is no such thing as too much in MY  Culture Café & Yogurt bar.

A menu of cool carefully selected dishes awaits visitors to line their stomach with early on. Go on, be MY Culture fan!  Moreover, guests will get to feast the eyes (and lips) on a selection of explicit yogurt food.

In the days of wannabe healthy, this is the hot spot you want to BE and SEEN – eating, having a laugh, reading magazines and sipping café lattes.

The atmosphere, entertaining facilities and music provides the big draw here as well as the food and drinks are the value proposition for health conscious crowd.

This place is full of surprises. We reckon you’d like it!


With Love and Appreciation,

MY Culture Founders