My Toppers
Taste the difference when you try adding our delicious choice of luscious fresh fruit and dry toppings to our fabulous frozen dessert.

Treats Healthy Options Fruits Syrups
Mini Mallows Granola Strawberries Mapel
Pink Mallows Granola/Fruit Raspberries Caramel
Choc Buttons Sesame Seeds Kiwi Raspberry
White Buttons Oat Flakes Blueberries Chocolate
Oreo’s Pistachio Nuts Blackberries  
M&M’s Bran Flakes Mango  
Smarties Flax Seed Banannas  
Maltesers   Red Currants  
100/1000s Strands   Melon  
Flake   Oranges  
Digestive Biscuits   Pinapple  
Jelly Tots   Pears