My Healthy Tips #2 – Smoothies


My Healthy Tips #2 – Smoothies

Change is good

Different fruits and vegetables help you to get an even amount of nutrients and health benefits from varying components. Rotate it to the season – green and yellow, red or green … Keep your life and smoothies exciting and prevent boredom.

Frest is best

Smoothies are always fresh at MY Culture – to increase nutritious and avoid pesticides, but also for better taste.

Healthy Tea Time Smoothie

As simple as a MY Culture smoothie is, they are a great place to start when you are working on the particular health issue. Address that issue and boost your nutrition. Use it instead of water, milk or juice.

Protein Power

MY Culture smoothies are a good source of protein – which goes along way, especially for guys looking to build muscles.

Healthy Fats

A good fat like coconut, flax or hemp oil, etc… will keep your body satisfied and full of energy for hours, and puts the smooth in your smoothie.

Boost your immune system

MY Culture smoothie is proven to improve your immune system.

Kid-friendly green smoothies

Kids are picky eaters. Often times it’s the color and texture of a smoothie that deters children. You will always find something simple that they’ll drink at MY Culture – they’ll it.

Have Fun

Get everyone involved in MY Culture smoothies – your friends, family, children – and have fun! The more fun the better.

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