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Evolve with MY Culture Franchise

MY Culture franchise is the best option for those who are looking for franchise business model with less investment and greater profits.

Market Overview

Food business is thriving all over the world. Unique products and services witness a huge demand not only in urban but also in rural markets as women and men feel the psychological need to look and feel good, fuelled by higher purchasing power.


  • Unique Store arrangements
  • In demand health oriented Product diversity
  • Master License is highly recommended for stronger growth potential and Sub-Franchise division multiunit network development.

Our Support

We will support you in the setup of you’re MY Culture business, the ongoing operations, regular training and up skilling of your staff. The marketing team will assist you in the implementation of promotions and events, supplemented by ready made templates and media material.

Choice Interaction

The area of choice is open to a franchisee and based to suit different types of entrepreneurs, with different financial strengths. An individual’s choice will vary with country’s micro economical conditions. We recommend to focus on analyzing and constructing the choice according to all external references.

The role of strategic Choice Interaction gives one the flexibility and understanding the mechanism which would affect the financial input. Our target is to enable an individual to thrive in the business world.

Organizational Structure

store Structure - for kiosk, food court, high street, café & yogurt bar



Note: the format is only used at MY Culture.

  1. Cost structure will be estimated based on specific territory and store type/size set up.


  1.  Format: circle, straight, square
  2. Concept: a full service Pod system in a form of ready to go retail unit
  3. The unit is a “plug & play”, offering multiple healthy option food lines in one location.
  4. The size: 10 sq m.
  5. Locations: shopping malls, supermarkets, health/beauty retreats, ice rinks, theme parks, café, restaurant’s.
  6. The unit can be easily located in high foot-fall locations with an extremely fast set up and will reach cash flow positive position in month one.
  7. The unit offers a fast set up, low operating costs, low initial investment, convenience, high return on investment and strong cash flow.
  8. The Operator buys a unit directly from MY Culture. He pays a fee of £30,000 and commits to a ten/twenty year agreement to operate under the MY Culture banner selling the MY Culture products.
  9. Cost structure will be estimated based on specific territory and store type set up.


  1.  Kiosk Station Environment
  2. Café & Yogurt Bar Environment


Key Points to Success:

  1.  Concept
    • Master License or single Unit flexible franchise partnership.
    • Affordable & accessible.
    • Quick fix, time saving and value for money.
    • Bespoke approach & applications.
    • Widely demanded Signature Product health segments.
    • Comprehensive Franchise Model.
    • Special features.
  2. Services & Equipment
    • Best in the business equipment employed.
    • Trendsetting services.
    • High demand services.
    • Staff of skilled professionals with laudable experience in the field.
  3. Management
    • Management work and Executive Orientation is highly developed for comprehensive use.
    • All training provided.
  4. Profit Margin
    • Low set up costs.
    • High profit margin due to the equipment involved.
    • The product and services are in great demand.
    • Competitive prices.
  5. Franchisor Support
    • Systems & Licensing
    • Landlord negotiations
    • Legal documentations
    • Training
    • Marketing
    • Trade marks and brand protection
    • Brand enhancement and clearance
    • Advising on legal and commercial strategies
    • Support collateral and procedures
    • Providing the copy of Operation Manual
  6. Operation
    • Full business operation provided including store management, staff training, cost control, purchasing, layout.
    • On site assistance before and after the process.
    • Décor and design provided.
    • Equipment, fixtures, fittings, uniforms, menus, utensils, signage.
  7. Marketing
    • Advise on the marketing plans.
    • Advise on detailed strategies for local exposure during the grand launch and further.
    • Regularly consult with franchisees.
    • Provide the website as online exposure resource.
    • Provide promotional and advertising material.
  8. Fees
    • Investment target: £30.000 – £300,000.
    • This do not represent the total potential to open and operate one or more of MY Culture units.
    • Cost structure for a purpose of calculation based on specific territory and store type set up.
    • Master Franchise Fees. This is one off fee for 20 years. Renewal is free.
    • Unit Franchise Fees. This involves the cost for a single unit set up.
    • Master Franchisee required to build and operate a number of stores in the area within a certain period.
    • Letter of Intent. It outlines the territory and terms. A deposit is required on the execution of LOI.
    • Master/Unit Franchise Agreement. It sets forth all developments rights and obligations.